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Abhijeet Sinha is currently serving as National Program Director of Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) program and Country Director India at Advance’ Services for Social & Administrative Reforms (ASSAR) with Adnl. Charge of ‘Project Director’ in National Highways for Electric Vehicles (HNHforEV2020).

He is a ‘Technocrat’ turned ‘Policy Entrepreneur’ with his cross-domain consulting in Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM) and conceptualization of energy infrastructure innovations like Annuity Hybrid E-Mobility (AHEM) for NHEV (A prototypical transformative mobility program to convert National Highways and Expressways into E-Highways with Charging Stations and Public Transport fleets under EoDB of ASSAR supported by NITI Aayog, Ministry of Science & Technology and 5 Cabinet Ministers).

He is on Board of Studies of AMITY University and also a Corporate Counsel — ENACTUS (DCAC & SRCC, Delhi University) Youth Advocate — Swachh Bharat Mission & Digital Bharat. He conducted India’s 1st E-highway Tech-Tri- al Run in Dec 2020 between Delhi - Agra.
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'India will never go in complete Lockdown again' he brought test tech for COVID 3rd wave fencing under 'Ease of Doing Business' to conduct their commercial pilots in India.


Conducted 1 TECH Trial Run of India’s 1st E-Highway on Yamuna Expressway between Delhi - Agra in Dec 2020


Several Tech Pilots and AHEM Proof of Concept for Ease of Doing Business in E-Mobility | Mai Bhi Chowkidar Campaign for 2019 Parliamentary polls


Ease of Doing Business campaign at ASSAR for PILOTS in 12 Technologies envisioned by PM in EoDB World Bank Ranking address and clarification for NHEV foundation


Radiant Uttar Pradesh | Samarth Bharat Samarth UP | CEO Roundtable- Pre Investors Summit for Ease of Doing Business in UP for 30 Economy Sectors


StartUp India Launch | Stand Up India launch (Noida) Formally incorporated Advance Services for Social and Administrative Reforms (ASSAR) India Chapter


Digital Bharat (Digital India) | Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM)


Citizen for Accountable Governance (CAG) Chai pe Charcha, Modi Aane Wala hai (UP & UK) Swachh Bharat Mission, Make in India launch (Mumbai)


Vibrant Gujarat - Leadership Summit & Investment Summit, conceptually started ASSAR India Chapter


Integrated Management of Neonatal Critical Illness | IMNCI -Bihar & Gujarat


Pilot of National Population Register (NPR) Unique Identification Authority of India | CENSUS 2010


Regional Manager (Bihar - Jharkhand - Orissa) Corporate & Institutional Banking, Indusind Bank

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It was my utmost pleasure to be involved in hiring Abhijeet at Wipro Infocom .He is a well-networked professional of his region with all-round skills.

Abhijeet has detailed knowledge of his vertical and capability to structure dynamic product offering to clients. I found him responsible, responsive and innovative. He was quick on understanding of client requirements, effective and thorough in his product designs and effective in his client communications that makes him a tough competitor & strong negotiator.

Abhijeet was heading the FIG -Corporate Banking for IndusInd Bank Ltd earlier being Corporate Liabilities in Bihar,Jharkhand and Orissa. With his suberb negotiation and relationship skills,he almost single handedly gave IndusInd Bank exponential growth in the state of Orissa and fantastic kick-start in Bihar and Jharkhand

" I met Abhijeet during a project for especially abled children by Deaf Society in Noida and understood despite of being occupied we all can definetely spare some time for good and actually can bring some change".

Role of Science and Technology in Ease of Doing Business (EODB) and economic growth is not a onetime activity but a continuous process that goes on and gets improvised with every passing minute. Our designing and scopes must be in such a way that it should reflect our thought process to develop Uttar Pradesh in a way that's never seen before.

My whole hearted wishes and support on EODB Uttar Pradesh Program. I trust Advance Services on Social & Administrative Reform (ASSAR) abilities and have full faith on the initiatives that ASSAR has taken.
My best wishes to all participants, stakeholders & organizations joining EODB UP program at Lucknow , Varanasi, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Agra & Kanpur.

While it is true that many of the world’s leading social innovation ideas such as cash transfer, phone based financial inclusiveness, universal basic income etc. do not come from India, the country has all the right ingredients to climb up the ladder. If educational policies could be more flexible, i.e. based on learning levels, rather than class and age differentiation, learning outcomes are higher. You have to teach children what they need to know and what they are supposed to know.

Greater digitization of manufacturing means that future manufacturing will be smart, safe and integrated. Indian companies should access global markets for better performance. Greater standardization and push towards innovation with excellent incubator centers and research parks with industry-academia linkages will need to be pursued.

Market friendly schemes such as removing airport and navigation charges, reducing ATF taxes, making routes exclusive for 3 years etc would incentivize carrers. The Ministry is also working on lessons to reduce risk premium. Provided that other taxes are paid, ATF taxes can be reduced. An estimated Rs. 3 lakh crores are required for augmenting airport capacity.

Passenger and rail freight traffic has increased substantially over the years but railway infrastructure has not. It is for this reason that the Railways is trying to expand its network significantly. Dedicated Freight Corridor coming up between Delhi and Mumbai would help bifurcate passenger and freight traffic in this segment.

The efforts through EODB Program have put in and planned to execute for the platform are highly commendable & need-of-the-hour. Our ministry focus with Nodal agencies is on promoting smooth facilitation & implementation of the projects in a time-bound manner.

Best wishes to all participants, stakeholders & organizations joining Ease of doing business UP Program at CEO Roundtables, Agra, Lucknow, Varanasi, Greater Noida, and Kanpur.

It is our PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji's dream to transform India by the use of clean modes of transport. India requires to take a lead in fostering and adopting the same which are suitable for our society. I compliment the organisers, participants and the stakeholders all success in this unique initiative.

I congratulate the office bearers of ASSAR for taking this timely initiative for promoting eco-friendly transportation in India. I wish #NHforEV 2020 all success.

This program is opening new horizons for the development of a new Heavy Industry of Electric Automobiles and Li-Ion batteries in India.

#NHforEV 2020 is in line with the vision of our Government to transform road and surface transportation for India

Switching your existing vehicle to EV with retrofit technology reduces capital investment of transformation and NHEV2020 gives ample scope to see this initiative closely converting PSU and Govt owned old vehicles to EVs.

We are excited to hear about India’s first E-Highway coming up on 500 km stretch connecting New Delhi with Jaipur and Agra. To us, it sounds huge and promising that people would be able to drive to these cities with Electric hired cars soon.

NHforEV2020 is addressing the biggest evil determinate ‘Range Anxiety’ that too on highways, helping individuals to trust E-mobility as an credible transport option when they experience it in public transport.

NHEV2020 has the scope to bridge the gaps between various alternative fuel transportations like Electric Mobility, Ethanol, Methanol, Bio- Fuel Cell fueled Mobility with multi-utility infrastructure stations.

I hope for the success of EODB initiative. On this occasion I complement the organisers, participants and stakeholders joining Ease of Doing Business UP Programme and wish them all the success.

I laud the activities and initiatives of ASSAR, New Delhi and wish them a grand success in their campaign.

We understand various sub-sectors and divisions of education shall contribute in a integral framework. The level of planning and efforts showcased in EODB program to invite stakeholders and operators of education sector to contribute in #RadiantUP deserves compliments.

It would be be exciting to dispatch TECH-Trial Electric Vehicle to ply on India’s first E-Highway and hear from stakeholders about one of its kind Public-Private-Partnership Project. My heartiest congratulations to Shri. Abhijeet Sinha and his team for facilitating ‘Ease of Doing Business’ to all stakeholders and ASSAR for conducting such initiative.

I loud the efforts of Shri. Abhijeet Sinha and ASSAR for the methodological approach to resume to resume this lockdown halted project in the same year. I extend my best wishes to this project and participants for their support and passion for timely completion and contribution in post lockdown economic revival.

45 Pilot Projects
25 Financial Models
18 Completions
72 Active Partners
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Atal Harit Vidyut Marg | Previously National Highway for EV

Atal Harit Vidyut Marg | Previously National Highway for EV

Tribute to General Bipin Rawat for his unconditional support to clean mobility

Tribute to General Bipin Rawat for his unconditional support to clean mobility

EeVe SOUL Electric Scooter launched at Rs. 1.40 lakh rupees Abhijeet Sinha Inaugurated

EeVe SOUL Electric Scooter launched at Rs. 1.40 lakh rupees Abhijeet Sinha Inaugurated

NHEV Count Down for TTR

NHEV Count Down for TTR

E-Mobility Ease of Doing Business MOU for #NHEV between Nomura Research Institute (NRI) & ASSAR

E-Mobility Ease of Doing Business MOU for #NHEV between Nomura Research Institute (NRI) & ASSAR

Trial Run Charged By – EXICOM

Trial Run Charged By – EXICOM

Abhijeet Sinha, Director EODB & ASSAR in conversation with Anuj Guglani CEO World Auto Forum

Abhijeet Sinha, Director EODB & ASSAR in conversation with Anuj Guglani CEO World Auto Forum

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